Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette Review!

A few weeks ago, while I was visiting New York City, I decided to visit a makeup store called Inglot. I had heard so many good things about this store on different blogs and youtube, so I was very excited to finally try their products. I purchased a freedom system palette with 4 eyeshadow squares, and customized it by picking my own shades of eyeshadow.

I really enjoy the magnetic packaging! It looks very nice, and keeps the eyeshadow protected.
I got a matte, medium-dark purple shade called Matte 325;
a matte, blue-green color called Matte 385;
a shimmery, medium brown-taupe color called Pearl 422;
and finally, a matte cream color for highlighting called Matte 328.
Here are the swatches for each shade:
As you can see, these colors have excellent color payoff, and this is just with one swipe. I am very impressed with how vivid the colors look , and how they look exactly the same as they do in the pan without a primer! I  have worn these eyeshadows almost everyday since I bought the palette, and when I use a primer the colors do not crease. They are also very smooth, and they aren't powdery. I did not see any fallout after applying these shades to my eyelid. I believe these are the best eyeshadows that I have ever tried, and each eyeshadow contains 2.3 to 2.7 grams or product! After comparing these to some high end brands and seeing that these are better, I can't believe that I spent so much on eyeshadows when these are only $6.00 USD each. The 4 square palette was $10.00 USD. They also make other palette sizes, and you can put face powders, lipstick, brow powder, and brow wax in these palettes. These seem like an awesome product for makeup artist. 

Overall, I believe these eyeshadows are worth the price, and they also deserve all of the hype they have been receiving on youtube. These are my favorite eyeshadows now! I really want to try some of the other products Inglot has to offer, like their nail polishes, face powders, or lip glosses! I give this product a 10/10.

Have you every tried any products from Inglot? What are your favorite brands to buy eyeshadows from?


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