Nail Design of the Week: Featuring Kiss Nail Dress

 A while ago I was sent these stick on nail designs called Kiss Nail Dress  to try and I really enjoyed them, so I purchased more! The pattern I have is called Bustier. They kind of remind me of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, only these aren't real nail polish. The products are similar, but to me these are a little easier to  put on to me because they are a little more stiff. I really enjoy these because they usually last me around 6-7 days without chipping.
I usually like changing my nail polish more often, but since I am going on vacation I decided to put these on. I didn't really feel like being bothered with packing nail polish and remover. I highly recommend this if you do not change your nail polish often, or if you want a cute design that takes very little application time!

Have you tried Kiss Nail Dress, or anything similar? How often do you like to change your nails? 


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