Elf Studio Powder, Stippling, and Blush Brush Review!

On eyeslipsface.com you can find very cheap cosmetics. Most of the products range from 1-5 dollars. They also have a line of brushes that also follow this price range. Brushes can be so useful for makeup application. They can be expensive though, so as soon as I saw these brushes for only 3 dollars I wanted to try them so bad! Today I will be reviewing some Elf studio brushes which cost 3 dollars, and they can be found at eyeslipsface.com and at Target stores. The brushes I have are the stipple brush, powder brush, and blush brush (left to right).

First I will tell you about the Stipple Brush:

This brush is made from synthetic fibers. It is black at the base with white tips that allow for flawless application of powder or cream products. I like using this with powder blush/bronzer, and cream brush/bronzer. Many people love using stippling brushes for foundation, but this brush isn't a very dense stipple brush. This means that it is hard to blend cream/liquid foundation and the finish is a little streaky. If you want a stipple brush for foundation you could probably do better than this one, but it is great for blush!

Rating: 7.5/10

The next brush I am reviewing is the powder brush:

This is a synthetic brush with black fibers and has a flat top. It can be used with any type of powder product, but since it is synthetic, it can be used for liquid and cream products too. I like to use this brush with powder foundation and liquid/cream foundation and it serves both purposes very well. Although this is called a "powder" brush, the application of liquid and cream products is still flawless! This is my favorite brush of from Elf, and also I have had no problem with shedding from any of these brushes.

Rating: 10/10

The last brush is the blush brush:
This brush is synthetic with black fibers, and it's fluffy with a tapered top. It is small and is the perfect shape for applying blush, and contouring the face. I have used this with powder and cream blush and the shape allows me to place the color, and then blend it flawlessly. This brush is great and I highly recommend it as well as the powder brush.

Rating: 10/10

Overall I recommend trying these studio face brushes, because the quality is great for the price. I was shocked at how the powder brush out performed some of my more expensive brushes. All of these brushes are soft, they don't shed, and the work well. My only problem is the density of the stipple brush, but other than that these are great.

Have you tried Elf brushes before? If so which is your favorite?


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