Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara Review

Today I am going to do a quick review of a mascara I have been using for almost a year! I have repurchased it so many times that I think I need to let you all know how well it works!

Here are some close up picture of the wand:

Mary Kay advertises this mascara as a mascara that gives definition and separates your eyelashes, and it definitely does that for me. It also gives me a little volume, so it actually makes it look like I have eyelashes!

Here is a picture of my eyelashes without the mascara:

You can see that I have naturally curly eyelashes. I would also say that they are a medium length. They aren't super long but they aren't short either.

Now here is a picture of my eyelashes with the mascara on:

Here I applied two coats and it defines my eyelashes and adds volume to them. There is a little length added too.

Overall, I think this is a good mascara. You have to be careful and comb through gently though when you apply, or it will clump. The wand is very nice though, and it makes it really easy to comb out my eyelashes. If I want more volume or length, I will use this along with another mascara, like Maybelline The Falsies. By itself I give this mascara a 7/10.


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