Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1 Skin Perfector REVIEW

Today I'm going to be reviewing the new Maybelline Beauty Balm. BB creams have been growing in popularity for a while now, and I have been wanting to try one so I'm excited that drugstores are coming out with Beauty Balms because I was a little skeptical of paying high prices for something I may not like! As I'm reviewing this product keep in mind that I'm aware that everyone says Asian BB creams are better than Western BB creams. Lots of people keep saying that Western BB creams are just tinted moisturizers, but these are the kinds I can try because of the shade selection. I will be reviewing this based on my experiences with tinted moisturizers, other Western BB creams, and based on what Maybelline claims this product can do.
My skin type: Oily and Acne Prone
Shade: Medium Deep
Price: $7.99-$8.99 USD
Consistency: Smooth and Light
Shade Range: 5 Shades from light to deep
Packaging: Squeeze tube

This product claims to do 8 different things for the skin. It claims to:
1. Blurs Imperfections: In my experience this claim is true. I do not have much acne, but I do have acne scars. This product did a decent job of covering my scars, but it is definitely light coverage. If you have lots of problems with your skin you will probably not like this product that much, but if your skin is not as problematic, you will most likely enjoy this.
2. Enhances: I am not really sure if  this claim is true. I have been using this for a few weeks and my skin doesn't really look enhanced. This has not caused me to break out or anything though. I would say that my skin is the same as it was before I started using this.
3. Brightens: This product does brighten my skin! It looks like I highlighted my skin even when I don't. It is also pretty matte though, which I like because i have oily skin.
4. Adjusts to Skin-tone: This product does adjust to your skin tone because when I first put it on it looks too light for me, but within a couple minutes it matches me perfectly
5. Smoothes: I'm not really sure about this claim. My skin does feel very soft and smooth with this product on, but my skin is pretty smooth already.
6.Hydrates: This product does moisturize, so I think it is good for all skin types, but it is not overly moisturizing. This is good for people with oily/combination skin. I still set my t-zone with a powder though.
7.SPF 30:  I think it is great that this bb cream had spf in it because you do not have to use a sunscreen before using this.
8. 0% Oil or Other Heavy Ingredients: This product doesn't contain oils so it did not break me out. My skin was pretty clear before using this and it still is now!

Overall, I really enjoy this product, because it meets most of the claims that are made. I also can say that this is better than a tinted moisturizer because no tinted moisturizer that I own does as much as this product. The tinted moisturizers I own just blur imperfections, hydrate, and contain spf. If you feel like the properties of this product would be beneficial to you, I recommend trying this! The only thing that bothered me about this product is it's ability to last. It fades in about 6-7 hours for me which isn't to bad, but it could be better. I give this product a 8.5/10

Have you tried any BB creams? Which is your favorite brand?


  1. this is my every day face product. I love it. :)


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