Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Review!

Today I am reviewing the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner which is eyeliner in the form of a pot that can be used with an eyeliner brush. They even include an eyeliner brush, which is pretty nice! I have the shade blackest black.

Here is a swatch on my hand, and as you can tell, the name of the shade is correct! It is definitely a dark black.

-Very dark and opaque
-Goes on smoothly
-Nice packaging
-Long lasting (last me all day on my upper lash line, and most of the day on my water line)
-Comes with a decent brush
-Does not dry out quickly (I've had this almost 6 months and it isn't dry)
-Achieves a similar look to expensive high end gel eyeliners except is only cost $9.99 USD

-Small shade selection; only 4 shades

I am not sure if the other colors are as good as the black one, but I love using this eyeliner! I am impressed with the quality and the packaging considering it was not very expensive. I do wish Maybelline would come out with more colors. Maybe they could do some kind of limited edition gel eyeliner collection or something. This is a great product overall and I recommend it to anyone that need a black gel eyeliner. I give this product a 9.5/10.

What type of eyeliner is your favorite to use? Have you ever tried using gel eyeliner?


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