Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner

I have been using this eyeliner for the past month called the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner in the color Black, and I have been loving it! I have been experimenting with different liquid eyeliners for a few years, and I still haven't exactly mastered the application (I think it is because my eyelashes are so curly they get in the way). I am not bad at putting it on, I just always wanted something easier. Recently I have been seeing a lot of people talk about liquid eyeliner in pen form, and they said it was easier to use than the regular kind.These rave reviews on liquid eyeliner pens made me buy this one. Here is a picture of the eyeliner I am going to review:

Here it is outside of the packaging:

And here you can see that it has a very fine felt tip.
Here are swatches of this eyeliner on my skin.
To keep this review short, I will tell you the good things and the bad things about this product.
-cost: $7.99 USD
-Very dark and opaque
-You can create thin and thick lines
-Pen form makes it easy to control
-This doesn't dry out quickly (I have had it for over a month so far)
-Lasts all day and does not fade

-You may need to be careful with this because although it last all day, if you rub your eyes a lot it may smudge.
-Only comes in black

This is a very nice product, and I recommend it if you want an easy way to apply liquid eyeliner. You also don't need to worry about the staying power. I do wish that it came in a few more shades; for example, gold, purple, green, silver, or bronze. I give this eyeliner a 9 out of 10.


  1. I've been wanting to try this for ages! xo

    1. You should definitely give it a try! I don't think you'll be disappointed!


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