What's In My School Makeup Bag

On the days I wear makeup it is very important to me to be able to touch up at least one time throughout the day. Also my skin is pretty oily, so I like to make sure my face looks matte at all times instead of shiny and oily! Since I have recently gone back to school, I thought I would share the items that I consider essential for my school makeup bag.

I got this beauty bag for free from Target, when they were giving away free samples!

Here are the items I keep in my makeup bag:
-Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine: I like this because it is a tinted lip balm. My lips are moisturized, and I also get a nice wash of color to my lips! I have a full review on these HERE.

-Mary Kay Tinted Lip Balm in Poppy: I like this for pretty much the same reason as the Maybelline Baby  Lips, only the color is different. It is also slightly less moisturizing than the Baby Lips, so I like to have both.

-Co. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint: I bought this lip gloss at Bath and Body Works, and I like it because berry colors look nice on me, and it has a minty sensation and flavor.

-Elf Mascara Duo: This mascara is two sided and only cost 1 dollar. I like to keep a cheap mascara on my just in case I don't have time for mascara in the morning. It also does a pretty decent job for the price! A review of this is coming soon.

-NYX Retractable Eye Liner in Black: I keep eyeliner in my bag just in case I need to touch up my eyeliner, and it is also great when I don't have time in the morning to put on eyeliner.

-Mary Kay Oil Blotting Sheets: This product is the most important product in this bag to me! This allows me to blot off the excess oil on my skin without having to remove or add makeup to my face! If you have oily skin I think you need this product!

-Pony-tail Holder and Cotton Swabs: I like to keep a pony tail holder in here just in case I am in need of one, and the cotton swabs are excellent for cleaning up smudged eyeliner/mascara. You don't even need eye makeup remover, the cotton just pulls the smudged product right off!

I really hope you enjoyed seeing what makeup I bring to school! I also want to add that sometimes I add lip products to the bag depending on what I am wearing that day. What makeup products do you always like to have in your purse or in your bag?


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