My Favorite Fragrances for Fall!

During the summer I like to wear light, fresh scents, but during the fall I enjoy wearing scents that are a little heavier. These are the scents from Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret that I love to wear during the fall!

From left to right: Midnight Pomegranate and Secret Wonderland from Bath and Body works, and Warm and Cozy and Soft & Dreamy form Victoria's Secret Pink.

 Midnight Pomegranate:

This scent is very fruity. It has pomegranate, raspberry, citrus, jasmine, and blackberry. It also contains vanilla notes and musk which makes it smell heavier. Even though it is a body spray it lasts a very long time on me.

Secret Wonderland: (this packaging in this picture is the old Bath and Body Works Packaging)

This scent is also a little heavy, but it isn't too strong. This scent has a lot of fruity notes, but it also smells a little floral. It has strawberry, raspberries, jasmine, and gardenia petals. It also contains vanilla and musk

Warm and Cozy:
This scent is my favorite out of all of these! I feel like the name perfectly describes the scent! This scent is described as a blend of Pink Peony, Toasted Vanilla, and Raspberries. To me it is lighter and more refreshing than the two fragrances I listed above, but it still contains smells that remind me of fall.

Soft and Dreamy:
I really enjoy this scent during the fall because it smells like vanilla and whipped cream. It is also very refreshing and contains pink meringue. The food scents in the body spray remind me of Thanksgiving!

Wow, all of these fragrances contain either vanilla or raspberry or both! I must be really attracted to those types of scents. Anyways, if you are in Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret I recommend trying these scents because every scent smells different on other people depending on your body chemistry. Bath and Body Works also has some new scents for fall that I would recommend smelling in the store as well!

What are your favorite scent to wear when the weather gets cooler? Do you like to wear different scents during different seasons like me?


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