ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads

Normally to take of my nail polish I use cotton rounds and nail polish remover,  but recently I have started using these ELF Nail Polish Remover Pads instead.

This product contains 24 pads soaked in nail polish remover, and it comes in a plastic case. They are priced at $2.00 on eyeslipsface.com.

I have really enjoyed using these because they are so convenient. They take off my nail polish without much effort, and the nail polish remover has a very pleasant citrus smell! These are also very cheap. I use about 2-3 pads to take off all of my nail polish on both hands, so they are definitely worth the price. It is also easy to travel with these because they are small and you don't have to carry a bottle of nail polish remover!

I highly recommend these to anyone who paints their nails and especially to people that travel. I can't find anything negative about this product because it is just so convenient to use!

Have you ever used these before? What do you use to take off your nail polish?


  1. What?? I didn't even know ELF made these! I'm going to have to stop by Target today and pick these up. So perfec for traveling!

    1. I hope you enjoy them! They are so helpful!

  2. Hi I am your newest follower through the blog hop


  3. I am actually really liking nail polish remover pads at the moment - so much less work!

    Thanks for linking up to my Weekend Beauty Bloggers Hop, looking forward to getting to know your blog <3

    Jessi in Wonderland

  4. Hi Aaliyah new follower from the aloha blog hop. I think this is a great idea especially when you travel. Where do you buy ELF at? I usually go to Ulta, maybe I overlooked that they carried that brand?


  5. Hi!! Visiting and following from the Collective Blog Hop!!

    ~ Darlene


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