New Maybelline Limited Edition Blush in Coral Burst

A couple days ago I was in Walgreens and I noticed a Maybelline display with new limited edition products. After mentally screaming with excitement, I noticed a very bright coral eyeshadow. I then said "that eyeshadow is so bright and pretty! I am definitely getting this", but when I read the label it said it was a blush!  I was kind of shocked because it seemed kind of bright and pigmented to be a blush. I am always happy when I see a new drugstore blush though because I feel like there aren't enough awesome drugstore blushes, so I bought it anyway.

The blush is called Coral Burst, and I paid $6.99 for it. This color is a very bold baked plush with very nice color payoff. When you look at it closely you can see very tiny shimmer particles, but I find that when I wear it on my face it just leaves a pretty sheen with no noticeable shimmers.

Here is a heavier swatch of the blush:

And here is a more blended swatch:

I really like this blush. It lasts a decent amount of time (around 4-5 hours on me), it is a good price, and has nice color payoff. It can look a little intimidating, but it blends out very easily to a nice color! I also saw two other blushes in the limited edition line. One is a neutral color and the other is a bright pink.

Have you spotted Maybelline's limited edition products yet? Would you wear a blush this color?


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  3. Ooh. I would definitely buy the bright pink. Thanks for this!

  4. What a great colour
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  5. Hello Aaliyah!
    I'm just stopping by from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. I now follow your blog via GFC. This blush colour is stunning, I love coral tones. I just bought a new MAC blusher two weeks ago though so I better use that before I buy anymore, I keep buying makeup and it never gets used, such a waste! I'm looking forward to reading your future posts :)

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    1. Thanks for following me! I have a problem with buying makeup too, and I really can't resist with limited edition products!

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  8. That's a nice color. I haven't always been a blush-girl but in the last few years I've realized what a great tool in your arsenal it really is!

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  9. Nice shade! Gonna get it later.

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