Review: Hard Cand CC Correction Creme

Lately I have seen so many makeup brands come out with a face product called a CC Cream. At first I was so confused! I almost thought it was a joke, and I kept thinking, "how many alphabet letters will they go through to describe these things". But I decided to give them a try. From my experiences with BB creams and CC creams it seems like American BB creams are similar to tinted moisturizers with a few extra benefits, while CC creams have color correcting properties with more coverage.

When the smashbox and clinique CC creams came out I really wanted to try them, but I thought I should try a cheaper version before I spend all that money. The CC cream I found at the drugstore is the Hard Candy CC Correction Creme. 

 Hard Candy is a brand found exclusively at Walmart stores. I paid about $8 dollars for this product and it has 1.5 oz of product. There are 4 shades: fair, light, medium, and dark; so they have a pretty nice range. I have the shade dark.

The Claims:
1. Color corrects skin tone by blurring imperfections
-I was surprised of the amount of coverage this had. I do not have a lot of problem areas on my face; I mostly have scars and once in a while I get small breakouts. I felt like this did a nice job of covering up my imperfections.

2.Neutralizes undertone with light reflecting pearls
-This claim seems pretty accurate to me as well. The light reflecting pearls are not noticeable on the skin, and it give my skin a brighter appearance. It almost looks like I highlighted my face a little, but at the same time it looks very natural,

3.Brightens complexion and gives air brushed finish
-Hmm... this claim seems a little repetitive. The brightened complexion part was already mentioned, but I will agree that this smoothed out my face very nicely. I would say that an air brushed finished was a little bit of an exaggeration because I can still see my pores a little bit.

4.Even texture and gives smooth appearance
-Wow, another slightly repetitive claim! But I guess this is emphasizing the texture while the last one was about the finish/appearance. When I'm wearing this cc cream my face has a soft texture, and feels very smooth; I just wish it looked smoother.

5.Oil free and moisturizes skin
-I have oily/ acne prone skin, so it's nice to know that this is oil free. Also since my skin is already oily,so I don't use a moisturizer when I'm going to use this. It lasts about 3 hours on me before having to blot which is pretty decent to me. After 6 hours I find that it is pretty faded.

-Low price
-Nice amount of product
-Color selection
-More coverage than a BB cream
-Brightens skin
-Oil free
-spf 15

-Staying power

-Smoothed out my skin for the most part, but I felt like it could have done a better job at making my pores look less noticeable.
-I know I said color selection was a pro (because at least there is more than 1 or 2 colors!), but I really think there need to be one more dark shade that is darker than the darkest shade.

The pros outweigh the cons for this product, and I think it is pretty good. I do enjoy using this when I want a more natural face, and when I don't need something very long lasting. I like wearing this product during the hotter weather because I don't like a bunch of products on my face when its hot. I am satisfied that this cc cream has more coverage than a BB cream, so I probably will repurchase it over some of the BB creams I use. This product is good, but it isn't amazing. If it lasted longer, and looked like I used a primer when I have it on my skin It would be perfect to me.

Have tried out any CC creams? What do you think of them?


  1. I haven't tried one and I didn't jump on the BB cream train either. I just didn't need another face product because I love my MAC pro long wear concealer (although it should come in a larger size) and I have a good foundation. I also have the MAC sutdio fix pressed powder which gives a good coverage on the days I want something lighter on my face.

    1. I have been wanting to try the pressed powder for a while now! I honestly don't need more face products either, but I love trying new things too much!

  2. I love the packaging of this CC cream! So cute! :) I've never tried any CC cream before, only BB creams. Hihi. :D

    1. I love the packaging too! The colors are really pretty

  3. SO glad to have found your blog ( new subscriber, found you at the link up!). I have a question: we have a natural parenting group on Facebook and a lot of the members have been asking about natural make up lines. Do you happen to know of any? The only one I could think of was Aveda.

    1. Thanks for following! I know physicians formula and almay have some products that are all natural. Tarte is also a great brand!

  4. Great review! I'll try to get my hands on this, do they have it online?:)
    I'm following you via GFC and bloglovin, hope you can drop by my blog too!

    Belle Epoque

    1. Thank you! And Thank you so much for following! I will definitely check out your blog!


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