Recent Nail Designs August

I have been into nails and nail art so much lately- probably because I'm constantly on pinterest! Since I have been doing a lot of different manicures I decided to post all of my recent ones weekly instead of every time I try something new!

1. Summer Inspired Gradient Dots: This is a design I saw on pinterest and was inspired to recreate with different colors.

2. Purple Stripe Manicure: This is a really simple look, but I think it looks pretty elegant! I used silver nail striping tape that I bought on amazon for $1.00.

3. Pink Nails with Flakes: This is another simple manicure. All I used was flakes on the accent nail, and I really enjoyed the holographic effect which the picture doesn't really show :S

4. Purple and Blue Gradient Nails: This is similar to the Blue Ombre Nails that I posted a month ago, but this time I decided to use purple instead of dark blue. I think I like this color combination better!

5. Colorful Dripping Nails: This is my most recent manicure, and I used a Migi Nail Art Set to create the dripping look. I am really excited about the Migi sets because the metal, fine tips on the polishes make it so easy to create designs.

Wow, is is obvious that I love purple? I didn't even realize I used purple for most of these. Anyways, I hope you enjoy seeing my recent nails. Which is your favorite?


  1. The purple and blue gradient nails are my favourite, looks really good!

    Rebecca x

    1. Thank you!! That one is my favorite too!

  2. Wow! You are super talented. Love them all. #2 really stands out to me!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Lifestyle

  3. I lovee #4 and #5!! Might experiment a little myself haha! :D

  4. These look great!

    Great post!
    Zofia xo

  5. #4 is my favourite! It looks so pretty, I'm awful at ombre nails though :(


    1. I used to be really bad at ombre. I've only recently gotten better! Keep practicing- you can do it!

  6. they all are good. 2 and 4 are my fav.

  7. I love # 2. They are all so pretty! :)


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