Leftover Nail Stickers Manicure

I really love using nail strips and stickers from lots of different brands, like Kiss and Sally Hansen, and I always end up with lots of scraps and leftover strips! I have a whole collections of leftover nail strips that I've accumulated over the past couple years. I was inspired by triangle nail designs on Pinterest to cut up the extras into different shapes for a unique effect!

Here's my nails from last week using Kiss Nail Dress:

This is so simple, but I was amazed at the number of people that complimented my nails last week! My friends and family couldn't believe how easy it was either! If you have a bunch of extra nail strips definitely try cutting them up into different shapes like, triangles, stars, stripes, French nail tips, etc.


  1. So cute! Do those rhinestones stay on for a while because I am always worried they will start falling off and then won't look so hot. That is a nice color, I think I saw that on your Twitter account without the rhinestones and I loved it.


    1. This lasts a pretty long time! I wore these nails for a week, and I only removed it because the polish part started to chip!

  2. Very cute! Great idea!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing ^^
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  4. Loving your nails! xx


  5. Cutting the leftovers into shapes is a great idea! Thanks for this nail demo :)


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