Elf Studio Single Eyeshadows Review

I don't see many people talking about these Studio Single Eyeshadows by Elf, and I don't know why because they are pretty good. But then again, I use these often, and I don't think I've ever mentioned them on here! They have some nice, basic colors, so read on if your interested!

Elf Studio Single Eyeshadows in Coffee Bean and Pebble
Price: $3
Available at eyeslipsface.com and Target stores.

From left to right: Coffee Bean and Pebble

These shadows are packaged in a black, plastic case. The shape is similar to Nars single eyeshadows. These have a small window so you can see the color when it's closed, and they have a small mirror.

Coffee Bean is a deep brown with a shimmery finish. The shimmer isn't very noticeable when used on the eyes or swatched though.

Pebble is a gray/taupe shade with a matte finish.

Here they are swatched below with a primer: (from left to right) Coffee Bean and Pebble:

I like to use these shadows as blending and crease shades for my eye makeup. They could be a little softer and 'buttery' though. When I use a fluffy brush with these they blend pretty easily, and they can also be packed on the eyelid for a more smokey look.

I always use a primer with these shadows, and I feel like using a primer really enhances the color. When I do my makeup using these shades I don't have to worry about fading or creasing, as long as I've used a primer.

Although these aren't the best eyeshadows I own, I like that the shade selection has basic colors that I use daily. They could expand on the shade selection and make more vibrant and jewel toned colors though. But it's pretty nice that the Studio Single Eyeshadows are priced at only $3. If you are looking for a blending shade or a highlight shade that's also cheap, you might really enjoy these. I used to have the shade Butter Cream (I used it so much that it broke), so I do plan on repurchasing from this line. 

Have you tried the Studio Single Eyeshadows? 


  1. Impressive colour payoff. I just made my first elf order today and I'm excited to see what quality it all will be. I hope the shadows I got are as good as these!

    1. ooo I can't wait to see what you got! I'm always amazed at the quality of elf stuff since it's so cheap!

  2. I haven't tried these exact ones but I have tried shadows from elf before and they are good. I really like the single shadows where you can fill in the palette yourself, the color aubergine is one of my favs!


    1. I haven't tried those eyeshadows yet, but I need too! Aubergine looks beautiful, and I want to try sage too!


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