Mary Kay Foundation Primer Review

Since I reviewed the Rimmel Stay Matte powder yesterday, I thought I'd share another product that helps me combat oil throughout the day which I have been using for years: the Mary Kay Foundation Primer!

This primer costs $16 and contains SPF 15 which I really like. It is also silica based, fragrance free, and claims to contain minerals that help combat oil.

This come in a squeeze tube, which I enjoy, and the packaging is the usual light pink for most Mary Kay products.

Below is the product on my skin. I have an unblended swatch in the middle and the primer is blended to the right of it, but it doesn't really show up (which is a good thing right?).

To use this I apply a little more than a pea size amount after my moisturizer and smooth it out all over my face. This, in combination with the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier on my T-zone, does a great job at keeping my oil at bay for the day. My makeup definitely stays put longer, but it's a little hard to say exactly how much longer since I use this with different foundations and powders. Although I have to blot at least once a day, after I blot my makeup is still intact.

My skin feels silky-smooth with this primer on too! My friends and family tell me that my skin is really soft, and I believe that has a lot to do with this primer! More pores are a lot less noticeable also, so this is a good base for my makeup.

I can't really think of anything I don't like about this product. The price isn't bad for the amount you get (1 fl. oz.). My makeup lasts hours longer with this on, and it feels great on my skin. It also makes my makeup look better because it smooths out lines and pores. This has been my most used primer for a long time, and I will keep repurchasing it in the future!

Do you use primer before your foundation? What's your favorite primer?


  1. I actually don't use a skin primer. I'm thinking I'll have to start this winter now that my skin is dry and gross all the time. Great review!

  2. I will have to try this product out, I have quite oily skin. I use and love Benefit's The Porefessional primer, but this one is half the cost, I'm really interested in trying it. Thanks for sharing! <3

    xo, Lily

  3. Hi I found your blog via the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop, I'm now following you via Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin'. :)

    I've never tried this primer, I will have to try it out as you've given it such a good review and I'm on the lookout for a good primer! I've been through a few but I've not really found one I like yet. Thanks for sharing this review!

    Love from Charlotte at xox

  4. This is good to know, I do use a primer sometimes. I have tried the MAC primer and the e.l.f. primer but I may give this one a try since I tend to get oily as the day progresses as well. I do have an amazing matte setting powder for the oil though, I will try to get around to reviewing it soon.


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