Recent Nail Designs October/November

Here are my weekly manicures from October and November. I already posted some of these, but I like to include them all in one post to be able to look back on the nail art I've done. 

1. Night Sky Nails: I took inspiration from the galaxy nail trend to do this. I used the same sponging technique used to create galaxy nails, except I used lighter colors.

2. Blue with Leopard Accent Nail: This look is really simple; I used a toothpick to do a purple and gray leopard pattern.

3. Orange-Black Shimmer: This is how I wore my nails for Halloween. I applied 2 coats of a black polish, and a thin swipe of Hard Candy's Beetle on top.

4. Triangle Kiss Nail Strips: I mentioned this manicure in my previous post. Check it for more information.

5. Kiss Nail Dress in Princess: Kiss is my favorite brand for nail strips, because I love the patterns! This is a jeweled, ombre, leopard print design, an I cut one into a triangle for an accent nail.

6. Hello Kitty Nails: I did a post on this design as well. Check it out to see exactly what I did.


  1. I love that blue leopard print you did in the second picture! It looks awesome!

  2. Number 2 is my favourite, I love leopard print and you did a great job! xoxo.

  3. Really you are sharing gorgeous all designs. But Night sky nails is very unique.
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