Smokey Winter EOTD

Here is my eye makeup from a Christmas party that I went to last week! For this eye look I used eyeshadows in the Inglot palette that I made during the summer:

Steps to complete this look:
-Nyx Pacific single eyeshadow in on the inner half of the eyelid
-Inglot 480 DS (2nd from right in the palette) on the outer half of the eyelid 
-Inglot 61 AMC on the outer corner and blended into the crease
-skin tone shade from an Elf palette above crease to blend out the black shade
-cream-colored highlight from an Elf palette on the brow bone
-Inglot 480 DS on the lower lash line

Finally, for eyeliner I used Maybelline Master Drama Ink Eyeliner Pen on my upper lash line, and Urban Decay Zero eyeliner pencil in my waterline. The mascara I used is Benefit They're Real

I was really excited to use 61 AMC which is the darkest shade in my Inglot palette! It is a gorgeous black shade with blue shimmer, and the sparkle actually shows up on the eyes. I really wish these eyeshadows had actual names instead of number though! They would be so much easier to talk about that way. I think the blue should be called Neptune or something, and the black could be Galaxy. 

I hope you enjoyed this Winter inspired look! 


  1. Looks great! I want to try out Inglot shadows!

    Des Simple Charm Beauty

    1. They have awesome shadows! I love the formula so much!

  2. Gorgeous! I need to get my hands on some Inglot eyeshadows!

    1. I really need more of their shadows! I wish they would build a store near me!

  3. That color looks lovely on you!


  4. I love the colour of this eyeshadow! Really pretty!

    x x

  5. such pretty colors! i love the purple combo you did on you lid!
    A Beautiful Zen


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