Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder Review

I was looking all over my area for new drugstore products, and after I had already gave up looking, I found a display of new Maybelline products in my local CVS. I had just gone in to purchase a gift card, so seeing the display caught me by surprise. After doing a little happy dance, which made my mother turn away in embarrassment, I decided to pick up this new Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder!

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder in Coconut
Price: $8.99

The Dream Wonder Powder comes in 16 different shades. This shade, Coconut, is the darkest shade.

This product comes in a circular compact with a mirror and a powder puff. I really love this packaging because it isn't bulky, and it's very travel friendly!

The texture of the product looks a little strange in the picture below, but it's just from swirling my brush around in it. I usually take pictures before I use a product, but I just couldn't wait to use it...

This powder blends easily into my skin when I apply it, and it makes my skin feel very smooth and soft. It gives me a nice matte finish, and I would say that this is a light-med coverage powder foundation. I also don't have issues with this accentuating lines and pores. I have used it as a setting powder and as a powder foundation and I love to wear it both ways!

I was pretty impressed with the lasting power and the oil control on this powder. I can go 6+ hours without blotting with just this powder on, which is crazy for me. I was previously using the Maybelline Fit Me powder, and although I love how glowy it makes my skin look, it isn't amazing for oil control. My skin is a lot less oily in the winter than in the summer though. I'll have to update you all and let you know if it still works well for me when my skin is at its oiliest!

The only thing wrong with this product in my eyes is that this is the darkest shade, so if you are any darker than me this probably wouldn't work out well. I did mention in my Fit Me review last year that there wasn't enough dark shades, but Maybelline added more dark shades later. I hope they do the same with this powder so more people can enjoy it!

Overall, I'm impressed with this powder. It exceeded my expectations as far as oily control goes! Usually I'm satisfied if a powder lasts 4+ hours on my oily skin, so this product really makes me happy. I'll definitely do an update later to see if it still works for me during the hotter months!

Have you tried this new powder yet? What's your favorite powder?


  1. It sounds really good, I'll check it out, xoxo.

  2. Sounds good and that is so affordable! My fav powders right now are the Ben Nye Banana powder and the MUFE HD which I will have reviews on shortly :) I'd be interested in trying out this formula.


    1. I've been wanting to try both of those out! Looking forward to your review!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Need to check this wonder out ^^

  4. This sounds awesome! I like to set my foundation with powder foundation and anything that mattifies is always nice. Great review! :)

  5. Going to have to try this sounds great!
    Jess x

  6. I love when powder has a mirror! But my perfect powder is True match from Rimmel :)
    Mrs Vain

  7. That sucks that this is the darkest shade but I love the fact that it lasted so well!


    1. I know! I really hope they make more shades soon!


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