Incoco Nail Polish Appliques Review

I'm not sure why I always decrease in my amount of posts towards the end of the month, but I'm back with a review on the Incoco Nail Polish Appliques!

Incoco Nail Polish Applique
Price: $7.99-9.99
Available at

These Nail Polish Appliques come in a pack containing 16 polish strips. There are so many designs on the Incoco site to choose from. Seriously go look at their website right now and look at all the designs! They also come out with cute seasonal designs. They have some new St. Patrick's Day appliques on their site right now.

If you have tried polish strips/nail wraps before, the application of these will be very familiar to you. After you remove the plastic from the nail applique you can place it on your nail and easily file away the excess.

The design that I've been wearing for the past 1 and a half weeks Merry and Bright. It is a gorgeous glittery design with a complex pattern that reminds me of water marble designs.

These were so easy to apply! Out of all of the nail wraps/appliques/stickers that I've tried these fit to my nail the best. And since they're made of real polish I didn't have any issues with peeling.

The lasting power on these appliques is also very impressive! With other brands I typically get about 1 week of wear, but I have had this design on for 10 days with minor chipping at the tips of my nails.

Here's how my nails look after 10 days:

I've been very happy with this product, and I don't have anything negative to say about it! The price is fair, there are so many designs to choose from, they are easy to apply, and last long! I know this is starting to sound like a rave review, but I highly recommend trying these! These are so perfect for special events, so I will definitely use more of these in the future.

Also, Incoco was kind enough to give me a discount code to share with you all if you decide to try something: SHADOW15 (good for 15% of your order; expires March 14th).

*Disclaimer: Incoco kindly provided me with this product for review purposes, but all opinions stated in this review are completely honest.*


  1. ahh they're so pretty! I looove the green sparklies!

    1. I love that one too! I'll do a notw featuring that one soon! Reminds me of a mermaid!

  2. These look so good, I love the look of the sparkly designs :)

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  3. Me too! and I'm so glad these are appliques because it would be a pain to get the glitter off otherwise!

  4. Great nails!

    Thank you! Following back in GFC and Bloglovin!

    Have a good week!


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