Tough As Taupe: Purple and Taupe Eye Makeup

The cream eyeshadow that I am featuring in today's eye makeup look for my color tattoo series is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe. I remember when this first came out, and it seemed like everyone was raving about this shade along with the Bad To The Bronze shade. Although, I love Bad To The  Bronze and use it all of the time, Tough As Taupe has never been a favorite for me. I guess it's because I prefer warmer shades on my eyes. 

To day I tried to work with this color and my look turned out a lot more purple than taupe! This base did make the overall look very cool toned. 

Products Used:
-Maybelline Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe
-Urban Decay Fishnet Eyeshadow on the lid
-Sugarpill 2am Eyeshadow on the lid
-Urban Decay Underground Eyeshadow on the outer corner and crease
-Urban Decay Zero Eyeshadow on the outer corner
-The Balm Adagio as a brow bone highlight
-Sugarpill Velocity Eyeshadow on the lower lash line
-Maybelline Master Precise Ink Eyeliner Pen
-Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara

I'm actually pretty happy with how this came out! Maybe I'll use Tough As Taupe now.... I think this would be a nice look for prom too because it's bold but not crazy dramatic.

Would you wear a look like this? What's your favorite cream eyeshadow?


  1. This looks amazing and so professional! I wouldn't wear a look like this as I'm rubbish with eyeshadow but if I could make it look like this then I definitely would :)

    Ellie xx |

    1. Aww Thank you!! And this wasn't that hard to do- you could definitely do it with a little practice!

  2. That looks very pretty, I like how the colors blended together on the lid. It does look purple!


    1. Thank you!! :) Yeah, it came out a lot more purple than I intended...

  3. Thank you!! I feel like 99% of the looks I post are purple, but it's such a pretty color- I can't help it!

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