Born Pretty Store Gel Eyeliner Review

I finally back (for real this time I swear) with another Born Pretty Store review. I had the oportunity to try out this gorgeous gel eyeliner, and I am amazed again at the quality for such an inexpensive product!

Born Pretty Store Gel Eyeliner
Price: $4.29
Available at

The packaging is just a basic plastic jar, but the product inside is mesmerizing (well it is to me because of my purple obsession). This product comes in 23 different colors, and this is the shade #10.

This shade is a beautiful, deep purple with shimmery finish and a creamy, smooth texture. The texture surprised me a little because it is different from all of the other gel liners I've tried. Imagine a slightly whipped version of a regular gel eyeliner, and that's exactly what this feels like! Even though the texture is different than what I'm used to, the color payoff is excellent!

Here's a swatch of the product:

I had no issues with lasting power for this product. I applied this early in the morning and by night time I saw no fading or creasing. I also find this product very versatile because it works great as a gel eyeliner and an eyeshadow base. I'll post some looks using this as an eyeshadow base coming soon!

I recommend trying this out if you are looking for an affordable gel eyeliner that comes in lots of shades! If you want 10% off, I have a coupon code: AALH10. Also Born Pretty Store offers free worldwide shipping, so I highly suggest that you check out their site!

I received these products for review purposes from Born Pretty Store, but all opinions are honest. I am not receiving monetary compensation for this review.


  1. Wow! That Colour payoff is amazing!

  2. Such a beautiful color! I haven't tried anything from the brand, but that might change with this pretty eyeliner!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. I highly recommend trying them out! I haven't been disappointed in anything so far!


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