Elf Studio Powder Brush Rave/Review

If someone took all of my face brushes and held them over a volcano and told me I was only allowed to save one, I would save my Elf Studio Powder Brush. And that is saying a lot because I have pretty nice collection of face brushes ranging from high-end to low-end. So why would I save the $3 brush over the $20 brushes? My answer is: versatility!

I made a post a while ago (but don't look at it... it's 2 years old and kinda embarrassing), and it featured a collective review of multiple Elf Studio brushes, but I felt like this brush deserves it's own post.

I appreciate the professional look of the black handle, and I love the synthetic, black brush hairs because they don't stain easily. This is called a "powder" brush, but it can be used with liquid/cream and powder products because of the synthetic brush hairs. The brush hairs are also extremely soft!

The density of this brush is perfect to me because it is dense enough to flawlessly buff in liquid foundation and powder foundations, but it isn't too dense to dust on a small amount of powder to set your makeup. On an everyday basis I have been using this first to buff BB cream or liquid foundation into my skin, then I use the same brush to apply powder and set my makeup.

This brush is easily my favorite face brush because it is so cheap and easy to use! I know this isn't even a new product, but I just love it so much!

What's your favorite face brush? Have you tried this one?


  1. The ELF Powder brush is great isn't it? It's such a fantastic brush, and it's DIRT cheap. Such a great product, one of my favorite brushes in my collection!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

    1. I know! When I first bought it I was like, "ok what's wrong with it... why's it so cheap?" but it's so nice!

  2. I love ELF's stipple brush. I'm a big fan of fiber-optic brushes in general, but that one, with its excellent price point, is my all-time favorite. (I found your site through #bbloggers blog hop!)

    1. I like the stipple brush too! That and the studio blush brush are probably tied for my second favorite elf brushes!

  3. Replies
    1. I know! It's hard for me to buy more expensive brushes when these work so well!


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