Makeup by One Direction Limited Edition Beauty Collection Tins

The newest addition to the Makeup by One Direction line is 5 tins including eyeshadows, eye pencils, lip colors, and nail polishes, and each tin has 1 of the 5 band members on the front. I was given the opportunity to try 3 of the 5 tins. Keep reading to see my thoughts on these great holiday gifts for One Direction fans!

Here are the 3 sets I received. Each one has the same exact products inside.

This palette includes 6 eyeshadows, 1 eye pencil, 4 lip glosses, 1 lip top coat, and 2 nail varnishes.

The Eyeshadows: These colors are great for fall/winter and I like the shade selection included. I found them to be a little powdery, but this is fixed with an eyeshadow primer. They apply smoothly too, and I also don't experience any fading or creasing when I use a primer. I would have liked for a light, matte, cream shade to be included for blending and highlighting, but otherwise, the arrangement is pretty good.

Here's a look I did using these shades (with the exception of the shade underneath my brow as a highlight).

The Eyeliner: I'm wearing the eyeliner in the pictures above, and I found it to apply very smoothly. I felt like it could have been creamier and a little blacker, but I think it is good for girls who are just starting out with makeup.

The Nail Varnishes: There are two polishes: one is a sheer, hot pink with shimmer, and the other is a clear top coat with chunks of silver, pink, red, green, and blue glitter. I think younger girls will have fun with these two shades. Since the pink is sheer it has a sort of jelly appearance and the glitter will look pretty over lots of different shades. I recommend layering thin coats of the glitter to get your desired opacity.

The Lip Glosses: The four shades included are a hot pink, a medium pink, a frosty, light pink, and a nude color. The hot pink and medium pink are very sheer, but the frosty and nude shades have a little more opacity. I find these to apply very smoothly, and they feel very comfortable. I don't find them to be sticky at all. 

The Lip Gloss Top Coat: This is a clear lip gloss in a tube pictured next to the glosses in the pictures above. It is stickier than the lip glosses, and contains glitter. This is pretty to wear on the center of the lips, or to add glitter to any lip color.

Here are swatches of the four lip glosses, the lip top coat, and the eye pencil:

Overall, this is a pretty nice set. The quality isn't outstanding, but I think this is really nice for girls who are just getting into makeup. I know One Direction fans will appreciate this. The packaging and the tin itself also felt sturdier than the original Makeup By One Direction The Looks Collection. If you are interested in purchasing this click HERE to see what store near you will be selling this collection.

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*Disclaimer: I received these products for review purposes*


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