Evian Brumisateur Facial Water Spray Review

During this time of year when the weather is getting colder and colder, I find that my normally oily skin begins to form dry patches which are accentuated when I apply makeup. I always go to facial sprays to combat this issue, and the one I have been using lately is the Evian Facial Water Spray. It's available at evianspray.com and the 5 oz size that I'm reviewing is priced at $12.00.

This facial spray contains mineral water that is held in a pressurized spray bottle filled with nitrogen and oxygen. Since the water is packaged in a pressurized bottle, it is protected from exposure to bacteria. This also allows the product to come out in a nice, continuous, mist. I apply this spray by holding it about a foot from my face, letting the fine mist gently land onto my skin.

As listed on the package, this product has multiple uses, which was a very attractive characteristic to me. I love to have lots of products in one! The can states that it moisturizes, refreshes, and tones and it is suitable for all skin types. You can use this product as part of your skincare routine by spraying it on after you cleanse your face. Doing this will remove traces of anything left on your skin, and this mineral water tones and moisturizes the skin. Using this as part of my skin are routine gives my skin a very clean, refreshed feel. I follow this spray with a moisturizer and I've already noticed a difference in the amount of dry patches on my face.

This facial spray has even more uses than listed on the bottle! I use this in my makeup routine sometimes as well. If I'm wearing a full face of makeup and feel like my face is starting to look to cakey and heavy, I spray this mist on to give my face a more natural look. Instead of a powdery look, my skin looks natural again after using this, which is similar to the effect that most setting sprays I've tried in the past give my skin.

The last way I've been using this spray is as a mixing medium for eyeshadows. After getting eyeshadow on a brush, I like to spray it with a little bit of this Evian spray, and the result is much bolder color payoff. You can get a similar effect by using any kind of water, but this spray makes it so much easier and less messy.

So is the Evian Facial Water Spray worth the hype? I think so! At $12, the price is very fair. I don't know of a cheaper alternative that has skincare as well as makeup benefits. And I love that the product is in a pressurized can so much! I've used setting sprays in the past that squirt way to much product out as much, but the even, continuous mist that this product creates allows for so much more control. Whether you want to eliminate dry patches in makeup application, refresh your face with a toner, or rid yourself of the cakey makeup look, I think this product is a great fit for you.

Disclaimer: I received this product for consideration.


  1. I have been wanting to try this so bad! I love facial sprays! Its also so cheap compared to the Urban Decay ones I use and things like MAC fix +, im definitely gonna try this! Great review!

    I just signed up for bloglovin, would love if you followed me on there as well! Button is on my blog now!


    1. Yup, it's a lot cheaper! I think you'll like it! And I'm following you on bloglovin now :)

  2. I recently picked this up and am obsessed! Glad you love it too :)

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com


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