Update 3/22/15

I feel like I haven't posted on here in forever, but it's really only been a week! I know I said in previous posts that I would try to post more often but my school work has been consuming me for the past month. I just wanted to make this post letting you all know that my classes don't end until the end of April, so for the next month I'll probably be very light on posting. To all you other bloggers out there, you know that it is so difficult to write when you're not in the mood or feel drained. I really don't want to force the process and make mediocre posts. I know this time will go by quickly though, and I'll be back to blogging regularly! Okay I'm done being dramatic, I hope you all are doing well!


  1. I totally understand. I hate feeling like I have to get a post up just because. If I'm not feeling well, or life gets busy, it's good to take a little break. Don't force it! :)

  2. I feel ya, school is kicking my ass and I haven't been able to post more! It sucks, good luck with everyone and I look forward to your come back!


  3. School is time consuming and so is blogging so its good to see that you have your priorities in order. It will always be here when you get back. Good luck :)

  4. I know exactly how you feel! Xxx school for me atm is so overwhelming and I can never find the time to blog, sometimes it does seem like a chore but in the long run its worth it x don't worry concentrate on school we all still love you xxxx Check out my latest blog post at http://xbeyoutifulx.blogspot.co.uk !! Xx followers are desperately needed xxxxx


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