2nd Love Cosmetics Cucumber Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask

Today I'll be review the 2nd Love Cosmetics Cucumber Deep Cleansing Peel Off Mask, which is another product that they sent me for winning their spring makeup contest. As soon as I saw this, I couldn't wait to try it out! Do you guys get lots of satisfaction from using peel off masks? Because I do! This costs only $2.99 and is available online at 2ndlovecosmetics.com.

When you open the packet and squeeze out the product, it is clear, and is a jelly consistency. Then you smooth it onto the face in even layers. Make sure you avoid the under eye area and your eyebrows! I mistakenly got some of this on my eyebrows and it was a pain to get off without tugging the hair too much.

Then you let it sit on your face for around 15 minutes. When it's time to peel it off, peel slowly from the bottom of your face, and if it hurts (cause the mask might grab on to any facial hair) take a wet towel and dab it over the mask before attempting to peel again. After I finished with the mask, I rinsed my face and applied some moisturizer.

Of course after peeling off the mask, I had to look at it closely to see if it pulled any gunk out of my pores, and it sure did! I know that kind of gross, but I know we all secretly like seeing what it did.

This mask is inexpensive, refreshing, and effective. It left my skin clean and soft, and it wasn't difficult to remove. I'll definitely be repurchasing this, and I think you all should try it too!


  1. I am totally the same, I like to know the mask actually worked! lol but this sounds really nice!


  2. It is so nice! And the price tag is perfect!


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