2nd Love Cosmetics 7 Piece Lace Brush Set

I'm so bad at over-packing for trips, especially when it comes to makeup. But, hopefully I can do better about packing brushes with the 2nd Love Cosmetics 7 Piece Lace Brush Set. This set costs $8.49 and is available online at 2ndlovecosmetics.com.

The set comes in a cute, pink and black lace pouch. It fastens shut with a magnetic closure.

Inside the pouch are the 7 brushes, which are protected by a plastic cover. The brushes, from left to right, are the eyebrow brush/comb, the eyeshadow sponge applicator, the thin brush, the slanted brush, the small eyeshadow brush, the all over eyeshadow brush, and the powder brush.

Each brush in this set is very soft, and sturdy. The handles are shorter than the average brush, since they are travel size brushes. I also like the look of the white and pink hairs, which I am able to clean very easily with brush cleanser.

This set includes nice brushes for brows, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. I do wish it had a small, fluffy brush for blending out eyeshadow though. And the powder brush is pretty small, so I like it better for cheek colors and contouring.

I think this is a nice set for travel, but I would definitely add in a few extra brushes, like a blending brush, a foundation brush, and a bigger powder brush. Everything else is pretty much covered. For the affordable price, and the cute bag, I think this set is worth having if you are looking for a travel set.


  1. Sets like this are so cute and perfect for travel but I usually dont like the brushes they offer. I agree that they should put some nice blending brushes in there! Great post though!


    1. Exactly, I really like all these brushes in this set though, just wish it had a blending brush, but for only $8.49 I don't mind adding a blending brush to it!


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