2nd Love Cosmetics Plumeria Sheet Mask Review!

I recently tried another mask from 2nd Love Cosmetics called the Plumeria Facial Mask (see my last mask review here), which is a sheet mask with a refreshing Vitamin C and Vitamin E solution. It's only $2.99 and available here.

Sheet masks are pretty easy to use. All you have to do is unfold the mask and lay it on your face. This mask was very saturated with product, and felt extremely soothing when I placed it on my skin. It had a tropical scent that smelled great too! This is awesome for days that you want to pamper yourself at home.

And the best part about sheet masks is that you don't have to wash it off when you are finished using it. After twenty minutes pass, just massage the excess product into the skin.

After removal, my skin felt very soft and supple, and I noticed that my makeup went on smoother the next day. I have oily skin, yet I still felt like this moisturizing mask improved the texture of my skin. It does contain Vitamin C which helps with skin repair and dark spots, but I think I would have to use more of the masks on a regular basis to see a difference in dark spots.

This is a great mask, especially at the $2.99 price tag! I recommend trying it if you want a soothing, relaxing mask for at-home spa days. I will likely be repurchasing it!


  1. nice deal..

  2. I love at-home spa treatments because I'm too broke and too busy to go to a real spa. Hahaha. Love that it's Plumeria scented! Perfect way to get into the summer mood.


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