Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review!

I can't even explain to you all how excited I was to finally try the Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer! I constantly see rave reviews for this product, so I was happy to put it to the test for the past few weeks! Did it live up to the hype? Keep reading to find out!

The Amazing Concealer is $42.00 for the full size (.5 fl. oz.) and $28.00 for the mini size (.2 fl. oz.). It's available here.

The first thing I noticed when researching this concealer is the huge shade selection! It comes in twenty shades. I wear the shade deep.

The versatility of this concealer is also notable. I can use this anywhere on my face. I use it on the dark circles underneath my eyes, and it also does a great job of covering any blemishes. To apply the product, I squeeze a tiny bit onto the back of my hand (a little bit goes a looong way), and I take a concealer brush or my finger and distribute and blend it onto the areas I want to cover.

The coverage is phenomenal! I think this is the highest coverage I have ever used. Yet my skin still looks natural when wearing this. I love using this concealer on its own with a little bit of powder on hot days when I don't want to have a ton of makeup. And it lasts,without smearing and fading throughout the day.

So as you can tell, this concealer definitely does live up to the hype that surrounds it! I can see why this is a holy grail concealer for a lot of people, and I love that I can make great use of it on heavy and light makeup days. And I'm happy to have a perfect shade match. The price is the one thing that I think might scare people away, but remember that a little bit of this goes an extremely long way! I highly recommend trying it out!

This product was provided by Amazing Cosmetics for review purposes.  


  1. Well this definitely sounds absolutely amazing. Need to check out if I can get it somewhere that ships to Slovenia :)

  2. I hope you can try it out soon!

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