Spongelle Infused Boxed Flower Body Buffer and Pedi Buffer Review

I'm a huge fan of at-home-spa days and the Spongelle Infused Body Buffer and Pedi Buffer are perfect additions to my routine!

The flower shaped body buffer is body wash infused and lasts at least 14 uses. It is priced at $16.00 on spongelle.com. I love the bright packaging, and it's also nice that the sponge itself has a ribbon on it. I use it to hang the sponge to dry.

To use this product, I take it with me into the shower or bath, and wet it to release the body wash. The scent that I have here, Ginger Bergamot, smells amazing once you wet the sponge and lather up the product on your body. Using this sponge allows for cleaning, massaging, and exfoliating the skin without having to add a body wash.

The Pedi Buffer is very similar, however, it lasts 30+ washes. It is also available for $16.00 and comes in a colorful box like the body buffer. I use this the same way as I use the body buffer, but this product is a little stiffer and works well to buff away dead, rough skin from the feet. The scent I have is beach grass which smells very fresh and clean.

If you are looking for affordable products to pamper yourself at home, check out these buffers and the other products on spongelle.com! These product works well, smell great, and would work great as gifts!

*I received this product for review purposes


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