Studio Gear Impactfull Mascara Review!

It's about time I did another mascara review! Lately I've been using the Studio Gear Impactfull Mascara which is available here for $18.00.

This mascara comes in a sleek, black tube, and it has a very large brush with bristles (as opposed to plastic).

When applying this mascara, I use about two coats, and doing this gives my eyelashes lots of volume and length, however, it could be a little better at separating the lashes. Below you can see how my lashes look before and after using the mascara.

Unless you are swimming or crying, you won't have to worry about this mascara smudging. It isn't waterproof, but Studio Gear claims that the Impactfull Mascara is "smudge-free" and I agree with this claim. It lasts well through daily wear.

Overall, I enjoyed this mascara. I like the dramatic thickness and length it gives my lashes and the fair price, but I think it is lacking a little in the separation department. If you want to give this mascara a try, visit and check it out!


  1. Looks good to me! But i can't have this type of mascara unfortunately.. Love xoxo

    Visit me:

  2. I love how fluttery your eyelashes look! Great review!


  3. Makes your lashes look real good...seems like a good mascara!


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