What's in My Bag #BringComfyBack

I know my posting has been sparse lately, but I'm back with a working computer! Today I want to share some of my purse essentials with you all. All of these products are in my bag and all time and help me avoid lots of life's uncomfortable moments!

Of course I keep my wallet and my phone in my purse, but here are the other items that I find essential.

I always carry blotting sheets and a mirror with me. My skin is oily year round, and these allow me to quickly get rid of unwanted shine. I also carry a few lip products with me. Currently I have a lip balm, Mary Kay Sienna Brulee Lipstick, and Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain in Smitten.

Headphones are also very helpful to have in your purse at all times. I find it helpful to have a pair designated to my purse so I won't forget to keep them in there. My favorite to use are these Skullcandy ear buds.

You never know what messy situations and surfaces you may encounter, so hand-sanitizer is also very important. I just have a plain Purell sanitizer, but you can check out Bath and Body Works hand-sanitizers if you want some fun scents. This isn't pictured, but having gum or mints in your purse can also come in handy.

And finally, possibly the biggest purse essential is some form of feminine product. Right now I've been keeping the U by Kotex Curves Liners. These particular liners keep me fresh and comfortable, and I always use them as backup for tampons and for light flow days.

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What are your purse essentials? Leave me a comment below!

*U by Kotex has sponsored this discussion, however, all opinions are my own.*


  1. Gotta love lady products, I buy these all the time and love them! Great post hun!



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