Studio Gear Dual Identity Wet/Dry Foundation

Studio Gear has given me the opportunity to try their Dual Identity Wet/Dry Foundation and let you all know my thoughts on it!

Essentially, this foundation has the capability of being used as a liquid or powder depending on if you just use the powder on its own, or mix it with the Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum to achieve a liquid foundation. I received the shade Raw Sugar (darkest shade) which is a perfect match for me.

The packaging for the Serum is very nice and feels high quality. And the powder comes in a loose form, but it has a sifter on the packaging to keep things from getting too messy.

Applied dry it is very similar to a lot of loose powders I have tried. It gives me a nice matte finish with light to medium coverage depending on how much is used. On my oily skin type it lasts 5+ hours before I need to blot or reapply.

Applied wet my skin feels extremely soft, and the finish is very natural. It gives me light to medium coverage, similarly to the dry form, and it's surprisingly very quick and easy to use. I found that it doesn't take much longer than using foundation which is already in liquid form. If I am applying it wet I skip the moisturizer step in my skin care routine because with the serum, extra moisturizer is unnecessary. My favorite way to use this powder is by using it wet and then setting it with the dry powder after it sets. This way I get maximum coverage and staying power.

Overall, this is a cool concept and I like the color a lot. I also love how it makes my skin feel. The only thing I would change about this foundation is the shade range because I feel like more darker colors are needed.


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