The Estee Edit

Thanks to Influenster, I've been given the opportunity to try out these Estee Edit products by Estee Lauder. All these products are available exclusively at

The first two products I tried out are for the face. The Radiance Activator Treat +  Prep + Glow ($55) is good for every skin type, and it contains a serum which helps to get rid of dullness and unevenness in skin. There are teeny-tiny particles of sparkle in it (barely notifiable unless you are an inch away from the skin) which give the skin an immediate glow. I love applying it right after applying my moisturizer, but before my foundation. It is awesome for days when I don't have time for highlighting and want to give my skin some glow without doing that whole step.

The Late Night Brightening Eye Balm ($42) reduces the appearance of dark circles. It is definitely a huge help when my late nights of studying is visible on my face. I never really use products like this, but I've honestly noticed a huge difference in my under eye bag. The metal applicator is also very soothing and is a nice added touch to the packaging.

Here's what the Radiance Activator an Eye Balm look like (from left to right).

Next up is the Inside Track Eye Kajal in the shade Navy Brat/Baby Blue ($22). This product is everything I expect in an Eye Kajal. It glides on the skin easily and can easily be smudged out for smokier looks. Plus these colors are gorgeous! I've been loving using these to spice up my everyday look instead of going with my usual black eyeshadow.

And finally, the Metallishadow Creme + Powder in AquaNova ($25) which is a gorgeous teal cream eyeshadow with a matching teal powder which is below the cream (not pictured). This goes perfectly with the eye kajals. I like the idea of a cream on top and a powder underneath in one package because it is very convenient. The powder is extremely pigmented, but even more intensified by the cream shadow.

Here's what the Eye Kajal and the Creme + Powder looks like:

Overall, this is a cool collection with lots of fun colors and innovative ideas. The price points are a tad high, but I expect that from a high end brand. I can't even pick which of these products is my favorite because I was impressed with all of them! I encourage all of you to take a look at sephora's website to see the other products this brand has to offer.


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