POPSUGAR has given me the opportunity to try their October Must Haves subscription box,  and before I get into what is actually in this box, I just have to say that this is by-far the best box I've received from them. This is mostly because all of the items in this box are things that I love/was planning on purchasing anyway very soon. 

If you know me, you know I love to read (and write obviously), so the fact that Lisa Sugar, the founder of POPSUGAR'S,  book was included in this box made me extremely happy. This was probably the item I was most excited to see. I haven't gotten very far into it yet, but it is about positivity. Inspiration/self help books are some of my favorites to read.

Another thing I love is mugs. Seriously. You should see my kitchen cabinets. This Rise & Shine Mug from Morning Culture  is so cute. It goes perfect with the My Cup of Cocoa Dark Drinking Chocolate. This Cocoa mix works with any type of milk, but I used 2% and it tasted great!

Ask any of my friends. I've been talking about how I need a new black liquid liner for the whole week, so needless to say, I was ecstatic when I saw that the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in Black was included in this box. The tiny ball at the end of this tip causes a small learning curve, but it is very black, and very long-lasting.

I've heard awesome things about the Makeup Eraser, so I'm happy to try out this mini size. All you do is wet this product with warm water, and it takes off your makeup. I haven't tried this product yet, but if you want I can do a full review if any of you all are curious to see if this product really works!

As a bath fanatic- actually you probably already know I'm going to rave about this product, seeing as how I've raved about everything so far. The Lalalicious Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Oil and Bubble Bath has an amazing scent. It leaves my skin soo smooth. I used it as a Shower Oil this morning, but I plan on using this as a bubble bath very soon, since the smell is so relaxing and perfect for fall.

This product caught me way off guard! The Henri Bendel Packable Umbrella retails for more than this subscription box costs! It comes in the adorable, signature, Henry Bendel print, and I love that it's small enough to stick in most of my purses or backpacks.

This box also came with a few coupons so you can save on Lalicious, Henri Bendel, and Revlon products in the future.

At $39.95 a month, The POPSUGAR Must Have box is an excellent value. All of the products in this box retail for over $153 dollars, so you are definitely getting a great deal. If you are able to get this monthly subscription, I highly recommend it!


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