Saturday, March 18, 2017

IT Cosmetics IT's All About You! Customer Favorites TSV 3/18/17!!!

Hello! I'm back with another amazing deal from IT COSMETICS. The IT Cosmetics IT's All About You! Customer Favorites set is available right now on for $59.94 plus shipping. It has a retail price of $185, so check out my thoughts on the products below. It might be a must-purchase.

This set comes with the following products:

1. The Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara: I've already talked about this mascara so much on my site, but I love it so much. I already used it everyday prior to receiving this box, but I am extremely happy to have a backup. It is an excellent all around mascara, and I highly recommend it.

2. Je Ne Sais Quoi Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatment in Rose: I love the Hydrating Color Awakening Lip Treatments so much! I was super happy to try the new shade, Rose, because it adds a nice rosy tint to the lips. I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but these lip treatments make my lips feel softer than any product I've ever tried.

3. The Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination in Rich: This is another excellent product. It has great coverage, lasting power, and skin care properties. My only gripe (as usual with many IT Cosmetics face products) is that there is not more shade ranges available. This product comes in 5 shades, but Rich is the darkest shade, and I feel like there could be a few more darker shades.

4. Heavenly Skin CC+ Skin Perfecting Brush: These brushes are the softest brushes ever. Every time I get one it pains me to use it at first because they look so perfect. 

Overall this is a quality set for an amazing price. Make sure you check out TODAY ONLY to get these products!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hiatus: Where the Heck Have I Been

Long time no post. I could sit here and type up a million excuses, but the main reason I haven't been blogging is because I didn't feel like it. I could say that I was too busy with school and work, but if I can find the time to watch netflix, I can find the time to blog.

Lately my passion for blogging has been low and I'm not sure if this is a result of english classes sucking my creativity dry, or writing for other publications, but I think turning this blog into a catch-all for all of the things I do will make me actually feel driven to write, and share my thoughts on all of the beauty products I use daily.

You're probably wondering what I mean by a "catch-all" blog. Makeup isn't my only passion. I also love writing poetry and short stories, and have been really into drawing and painting lately. I think it would be interesting to incorporate all of the creative activities I participate in onto this site, so in the next few months it's getting a remodel.


Clearly makeup still excites me, but I just don't want to feel as limited. And I definitely don't feel like making another website just for poetry and short stories and a different site for art and etc.

~talk to you soon